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5 Luxurious Resort Spa Experiences to Add to Your List

January 11, 2017


By Michelle Rae Uy


Spa treatments are very much a fixture of every resort vacation. They are kind of like mini vacations that exist within our actual vacations that at one point or another we all seek or badly need. What’s better than finding yourself...

Destinations: Benidorm // Spanish Main

January 10, 2017


europemediterraneanspaincon_espcostablancabenidormres_000349It sounds like the name of a prescription drug, and that might be ironic, because Benidorm as plenty about it that’s addicting.


For those readers geographically-challenged, Benidorm...

Tulum – The City of Dawn

January 4, 2017



By Dane Steele Green


Tulum was built in a twilight. The Mayan city rose just as the whole culture was about to take a one-way trip to one-way trip to Total Collapse-ville. I bring this up because, in what must...

KLM’s Surprise Holiday Airport Dinner

January 3, 2017

img_4145By Rich Thomaselli


This might have been one of the most heartfelt, and unique, holiday surprises ever produced by an airline.
Knowing that many people travel solo during the holidays, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines decided it was going to bring together a...

Destinations: Troy // All The Things She Said

December 26, 2016

troyEver hear of Cassandra of Troy? One of the most tragic women in literature, she is. A Trojan princess, she was cursed with the gift of prophecy: She could see the future as clear as day. The catch was  no one ever believed her. She saw the doom that troublemaking tramp Helen represented, the fall of the city,...

Destinations: Bangkok

December 19, 2016

pbk-landing-leaderboard-1280Say Wat?

Thailand has been in the news a lot lately; King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the longest-serving head of state and longest-lived monarch in Thai history, departed this life in October. He was as loved as his son and successor is despised. Drama!