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Study Finds 94 Percent of Americans Are Missing Travel

October 13, 2020

by Donald Wood

A new study found that an astonishing 94 percent of Americans are missing travel right now.
According to a new study from Hilton, 188 million Americans are ready to hit the road again despite the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, as travel ranked near the top in creating “happy memories” for respondents.

The data found that around 134 million Americans say travel has given them lifelong memories, while 90 percent count travel created some of their happiest moments. Another 54 percent said travel memories are more important than their favorite piece of jewelry and 53 percent say those memories are more important than their smartphone.

Overall, 94 percent of respondents who travel plan to do so once restrictions and limitations are lifted, while another 66 percent plan to make travel a priority and take bucket list trips.

“Travel is an unstoppable force, and we know consumers are eager to reconnect with the people and places they love,” Hilton Executive Vice President Danny Hughes said. “Hilton is ready to welcome guests back with all the assurances they need – best-in-class hospitality, cleanliness and flexibility – to create their new memories whenever they are ready to be out and traveling again.”

Hilton’s study also revealed around 66 percent of respondents vow to quit putting off taking trips on their wish list and make their dream vacations a reality.

Other findings include 62 percent of Americans looking to be more adventurous by journeying to new places, 63 percent said making memories with loved ones is one of the most important reasons they travel and 57 percent believe the people who accompany them are what make their trips unforgettable.