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Steele Luxury Travel Attends the World’s Largest Gay Pride Celebration in São Paulo, Brazil

May 29, 2008

“It was the most outstanding demonstrations of gay pride I have ever seen”

This past week, the inhabitants of Brazil migrated to São Paulo from all over the country to celebrate more than just gay pride. It was a celebration of life, freedom, and pure expression. When we landed in Brazil, it was warm and sunny. The flights on TAM Brazilian Airlines were amazing- they really offer a superb Business Class service. Great attention to detail, delicious food, and one comfy bed for you to sleep through the long flight. The city was buzzing with excitement. Steele Luxury Travel was actually on hand to experience and “test out” the São Paulo Gay Pride Trip that we are offering next year.

Our driver patiently waited to chauffeur us to our hotel upon our arrival. When we arrived at the Fasano Hotel, which was located in a super luxurious neighborhood on its own self-named street, the staff of hotel welcomed us by name with fresh fruit and pineapple juice to freshen up. Our room was impeccable and tastefully designed, I felt like I was at home. I loved the Havaiana Sandals that were supplied in the room for each guest- what a surprise!

That same day, we ventured out to explore the city! The excursions were amazing. We went on a half day city tour: downtown, the Jardins District, and a visit to the beautiful and lush Butantã neighborhood where we saw some amazing estates, lush parks, and the Morumbi Soccer stadium where we watched some Brazilian soccer players practice for their big game. It was the perfect introduction to the city.

As the week continued, we spent our days walking the city, shopping in local boutiques while experiencing the food, fresh fruit juices, and AMAZING caipirinhas. They were delicious. When night time fell, it was time to party with the boys!

The only Place to party was “The Week”. The Week has a venue in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and their newest location in Florianapolis. Every night, thousands of beautiful men and women packed into this enormous open air venue to party through the night to see the next morning’s brilliant sun. The DJs and entertainers (dancers, trapezists, perfmormers) set the perfect tone to the various visually stimulating spaces.

Steele Luxury Travel is proud to announce that each Steele Traveler will receive a personalized VIP all-access card to all events hosted by “The Week” during their trip! This is a Steele Luxury Travel exclusive amenity that is not offered to the public.

The festivities continued on Sunday when Paulista Avenue was taken over by La Parada do Orgulho GLBT. Rumor has it that about 4.5 million people attended this year’s parade! It was an all-day celebration. Drinks, music, and pure entertainment flooded the streets.

The party continued with one last Pool Party hosted by “The Week”. It felt as if we were in a lush theme park with its palm tree lined winding passageways throughout the property. It had every amenity- drink bars, snack stations, 5 pools (one was drained to act as a dance floor), and enough bathrooms for everyone. The DJ’s, live performances and dancers created a steamy Brazilian celebration.

The entire trip was a whirlwind of fun, culture, and pride. All done tastefully. This is one international event that one should experience at least once!

For more information on the Steele Luxury Travel São Paulo Gay Pride trip, please visit our website at or send an e-mail to

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