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July 18, 2013

…Las Vegas? Seriously?

I’ll be the first one to admit it: few cities seem more fixated on heterosexuality than Vegas. This is the city synonymous with showgirls and Showgirls. With all the giggling hooters, you’d think that gays would be left out in the cold.
Clearly you have not been to the Luxor on a Sunday.
Do a little research and the stereotypes come crumbling down. While it is safe to say that Miami or New York has “more” gay nightlife in terms of actual places, Vegas has a few plusses that cannot denied—even the Magic City can’t whip up a gay pool party covering five acres (or 19,000-some feet, give or take).
For the last five wildly-successful years, the Luxor Casino – can’t miss it, it’s the fourth largest pyramid in the world – has been throwing Temptation Sundays, probably the largest regularly-occurring gay event in the city that isn’t Pride (August 25 – Sept. 9; I recommend it). Hotel guests and military/emergency personnel get in for $10, walk-ins for $20, and puts before you a veritable feast of bronzing flesh. And booze. Eat your heart out, Bradley Cooper.
And here’s an inside scoop: A lot of people who come to Vegas tend to forget it’s smack in the middle of a desert. If there is even one cloud in the sky, it’s an event. What I am saying is that you really ought to think about bringing footwear, even to a pool party. It takes about 5 nanoseconds for the desert sun to turn any exposed surface, real or man-made, into an improvised pancake griddle. You’ll see more than a few guys playing hopscotch from the pool to the bar and back again because the concrete gets so ding-dang hot.
Flip open a copy of Instinct Magazine, Out, or The Advocate and I guarantee you there will be an ad for Vegas. The city is pushing itself hard as a gay destination, with the Luxor, and clubs like Share and Krave Massive at the vanguard.
And even if all that I mentioned fails to impress, Celine Dion sings there, Cirque de Soleil performs there, and who wouldn’t enjoy the possibility of stumbling across a debilitatingly inebriated Bradley Cooper? There’s great food, plenty to do, and never was there a better city to people-watch. Really. Just sit on the curb and watch. It’s like Mardi Gras.
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