Read Your Indulgence


May 12, 2008

THE GYM—it is our savior. The gym or any other form of exercise creates a separation between work and play. It makes us feel masculine and allows us to look optimum. It also increases our various mental and physical appetites. Some of us lift weights, some of us run with a buddy, or even ride bikes through town with a group of dudes. Some boys seriously get into yoga or Pilates.

When traveling, our normal habits are disrupted. The grilled chicken and spinach or mescaline balsamic salad with a scoop of tuna is replaced with the local food of the host country. Our eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercise habits are always skewed when abroad. We certainly give in to the temptation of the tiramisu` for desert or the second mojito loaded with sugar at the bar.

Some travelers feel that their vacation is a time to relax and to chill out—no need for the gym. On the flipside, the gym for many men is part of our relaxing ritual. Personally, I am a gym bunny. Before, after, and during a trip— I am always hitting the gym. Before making a hotel reservation, I make sure that the hotel I select has a decent fitness facility. Without one, I will feel lost, fat, and lazy. Who actually likes to do push ups and crunches in their hotel room? In fact, we never get through the makeshift work out; the carpet burn hurts too much. There is a solution: fitness and adventure travel.

Vacations tailored around fitness have been around for decades. Ciclismo Classico, for example, offers year-round cycling trips through Italy. Other trip organizers offer summer skiing trips on the slopes of Bariloche, Argentina or hiking adventures through the complex Israeli desert. Some travel companies are answering to the demands of fitness junkies by adding exercise and active excursions to their itinerary.

Steele Luxury Travel, an exclusive first class and five star luxury gay vacation tour operator, offers just that for the upscale male traveler. When booking a vacation with Steele, travelers are given the option to customize their vacation by adding on local activities and experiences. On Steele Luxury Travel’s November Buenos Aires vacation, some exceptional active excursions are offered as add-on options. Steele offers a guided run through Buenos Aires, three different biking trips, polo lessons, and tango lessons.

So go ahead, enjoy that extra piece of cake on your vacation. Indulge.

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