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Destinations: Edinburgh // Scotland the Brave

November 14, 2016

Here’s answer to the question everybody’s been asking: Scottish men don’t wear anything under their kilts. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk Scotland.
Rocky and craggy, Britain’s wild, wild North is about as butch a landscape as Earth can push out. That kind of extreme geography squeezes most of the Scots into a narrow band with capital Edinburgh on one side and blue-color Glasgow on the other. Capitals being capitals, Edinburgh is usually where most travelers get their feet wet first.
Pronounced “EH-din-bur-uh,” the city hailed as the UK’s “Athens of the North” has the look of a gothic Victorian period piece set, but don’t let the steep roofs and gables fool you. This is not a buttoned-up town. Have you ever known a low-key Scot? Didn’t think so.
The same goes for gay Edinburgh, but the culture here is a little different. First, let’s lay the groundwork: Gay life revolves around the Pink Triangle (yes, that is what it is called) centered around the top of Leith Walk, which is just off Princess Street, the city’s main boulevard. CC Blooms, Habana, The Regent, Planet, The Street, Victoria, and Nom de Plume form a gay circuit that constitutes a great night out is here, but heed my words when I say “circuit!” A gay night on the gay town in gay Edinburgh is not going to one place and staying there; gay or straight, Scottish nightlife means a pub crawl.
When it comes to the UK, being gay there is the same as being gay here; Americans will not find themselves fish out of water (much) in the Pink Triangle. But how things are done are a little different, particularly with pubs, but where at least three are hit before the night is through. Part bar, part living room, you never stay at just one pub the whole night, however homey. You may pregame at one, eat at another, and get things going at yet another. And another after that. And another after that. Whole groups of partygoers teeter from one to the next and good times are had by all, although the morning after you may feel differently.
Larger establishments like CC Blooms and The Street have dance floors, so it may well be that they take up the lion’s share of the night. You may also hear Infinity be recommended; rather than a pub, it is one of the dedicated nightclubs of Edinburgh (that is, not a pub).
Put it all together and you can confirm for yourself about what’s under the kilts. Contact Steele Luxury Travel for all of your travel needs to Edinburgh and beyond!